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I was thinking recently about how we far too often move quickly from one place to the next without much care or thought. We have an event or an appointment that we have to take care of and with traffic and other responsibilities, we end up rushing from here to there. We end up using apps on our phones to go places we know how to get to, because if there is a traffic jam or backup, we can take a different route to get there as quickly as possible. I find this rush to get to different places often times causes me to feel this unnecessary sense of urgency and stress. It causes me to see others who are moving slower than me as a problem, to be seen as a nuisance, to be seen as in the way. I think there is something fundamentally wrong when I see others, people who are created by God in the image of God, as a problem, as a nuisance, and in the way. I have no interest in wasting time, but I do wonder if there is something about this way that is not helpful for us.

In Jesus’ final days before his death and resurrection he gathered with his disciples for a meal. During that meal Jesus does not seem to be in a hurry. During that meal, Jesus seems to be taking his time. As they linger over wine and bread they are forced to slow down. Jesus then calls for them to share in this meal with one another again and again and remember. Remember him. Remember who he is and what he’s done. What if we are meant to linger? What if we are meant to slow down over bread and wine, to tell stories of God and what Jesus has done with one another? What if we are meant to wait on the Holy Spirit and see where God leads us? What if we are meant to share in meals like this both in our homes and in our community of faith? So, this is what we are doing. This Sunday we will linger together and remember. We will share in communion at 9am. It will be a brief service, less than 15 minutes, where we will share in this holy moment. A moment where we set time apart for us to remember Christ and what he’s done. We will continue to share in communion the first Sunday of each month at 9am. I invite you on these Sundays, to come for communion and spend time with one another before our 10am service. Spend time visiting, reminiscing, slowing down to share stories with one another.

Join us on Sunday morning as we tell the stories of our faith, worship in spirit and in truth, and know that Christ will meet us there. Join us as we linger together for communion at 9am and stay for worship at The Chapel at 10am in person or online.