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The Way To Worship

This coming Sunday, February 19th is Race Day in Seaside. First off, you should know, we are still gathering for worship at 10am at The Chapel like normal. It is going to be a beautiful morning and the community will be vibrant with all the activities. Inevitably with all this activity, this presents a few challenges in regards to parking and attending worship. Please check out information and options to be able to worship with us.

On Race Day, this Sunday, February 19th, 30A will be closed from 5:30am to 10am. Please account for this closure, which is earlier than in year’s past, when making your Race Day plans.

As for how to get to The Chapel.

  • Parking in Seaside will be limited to Seaside residents and those with Race Day parking passes.
  • There will be complimentary parking and shuttle service from Emerald Coast Middle School (ECMS) Sunday, morning. ECMS is located at 4019 Hwy 98 East Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459. Two shuttles will run on a continuous loop between ECMS and Quincy Circle in Seaside from 5:00am – 2:00pm. This is likely the easiest way to get in and out without any issues.
  • If you live close by, we invite you to walk or ride your bike.
  • If you live in neighboring areas, invite others to park at your house and walk with you.
  • If you can carpool that morning, ride with others, and ask if you can park at someones house who lives a walkable distance. There is no better time to be a neighbor than this weekend.
  • I cannot promise this, but there may be other lots or places to park and walk from to get to The Chapel, but I cannot guarantee those places will be available. Park and walk at your own risk.

If you can’t figure anything else out or don’t want to mess with the crowd, you can always join us online. We’ll stream our service like normal at 10am. You can access it through our website ( or our Facebook page ( If you also didn’t know our sermons are also available on our website, on Apple podcast, or wherever you stream from.

I hope you join us this Sunday. It is going to be a great weekend and a great morning of worship. There are lots of things to do on race weekend, so come early, cheer people on, and stay for worship. For more info on the race weekend, parking and anything else you might need to know for this Sunday, please go to