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We are people who generally want more. Time. Money. Influence. Power.

In Genesis, we see Adam and Eve created in the image of God.

They are like God,

made by God,

and have the breath of God in them.

They are given the power to create and responsibility to steward creation.

These new God-like creatures fall for something that is not God out of a desire for more.

The serpent tempts them by manipulating what God said. The guardrails that God laid out for them were being reconfigured to fit the desires of humanity by the serpent, not by obedience to God. Adam and Eve have a desire to be like God, but in that simple desire, they forget,

they already are.

Because of that, they bring about sin and shame. Then when God gives them an opportunity to own their mistake, they push blame down the line. More has a consequence.

The serpent would be cursed.

The woman would have pain in creation.

The man would toil in working.

The once perfect world was marred.

In the pursuit of “more,” humanity, prompted by temptation, manipulated truth.

The serpent is the temptation of a world that will tell you what you want without regard to the impact. You will get “more” at a price.

The enemy has come to steal, kill, and destroy,

but Jesus has come to give us life to the fullest.

Jesus came to give us more.

The voice that spoke the earth into existence,

breathed life into your lungs,

tells truth to you.

You want more?

God is the more.

No crafty, fleeting arguments from serpents will ever truly give more life and make you more. You were already created in the image of more.

To settle for the ways of the serpent are actually less.