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Quick Travel Reminder

Whenever we travel, inevitably someone in our house forgets something.

A travel pillow.



Winter coat.


Just kidding, we haven’t left a kid home alone while we went galavanting in Europe…yet…

We know in the next several weeks people will be traveling.

Some people will be coming to town for Spring Break.

Some people will be leaving town for Spring Break

Some people will be staying off 30A because of Spring Break.

Whatever the next few weeks hold for you, I want to let you know about a few things.

We will continue to have worship every Sunday at 10am.

So if you are in town, I hope you will join us for worship.

If you haven’t been in a while or you’ve never been, I hope you join us this Sunday.

Speaking of this Sunday, March 3rd, we will share in communion at 9am in a brief communion service.  A very simple, 15 minute or so time where we share bread and juice and remember Jesus’ final meal with his disciples as they were celebrating the Passover.

On communion Sundays, which is the first Sunday of every month, we also have coffee and pastries after communion before our regular worship service at 10am.

I hope you can join us for that.

As well, in a few weeks it will be Holy Week.

We’ll begin with Palm Sunday on Sunday, March 24th at 10am, with kids parading through The Chapel with palms as we remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

We’ll remember Jesus’ Passover meal with his friends the night he was betrayed and share in communion at our Maundy Thursday Communion Service at 6pm on March, 28th at at The Chapel.

We’ll remember the day Jesus died in Jerusalem on a dark and difficult Friday.  Our Good Friday service will be March, 29th at 6pm at The Chapel.

Then we’ll celebrate Jesus defeating sin and death and triumphantly rising from the grave on Easter Morning, Sunday, March 31st at 6am on the beach in Seaside, and at 8:30am and 10am at The Chapel.

To stay up with everything we do, please follow our social media and join us for worship in person or online.

Online we have a whole lot of information about Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and the whole season.  Just go to to get all the information you need as well as a Lent Playlist curated by our worship leader Daniel Pratt.

No matter if you are in town visiting, you live here, from all of us who call The Chapel home, you are welcome here.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday.