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Talking With

Talking With

There is a sushi restaurant I really like that was recommended by a friend of mine.  When we went my friend started ordering things that weren’t on the menu and asking about other things that weren’t listed.  Now, I am super outgoing and can make conversation with a chair, but I also hate to inconvenience someone by asking unnecessary things.  I never want to be…”that guy”…I just let him ask all the questions and sat back.

When the rolls he ordered showed up, the food my friend ordered was unbelievable.  

A Conversation Followup

A Conversation Followup

In our family, we are a bunch of outgoing gregarious extroverts.  We will talk to just about anyone anywhere.  Recently we were in Washington, D.C. waiting to go on a tour of The White House and my son, Foster, noticing the very serious Secret Service member who was built like an Irish Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and looked about as warm and cuddly as a an avalanche, was struggling with the identification scanner and corresponding computer.  Foster noticed that this guy who was built and outfitted for the field and yet here he was hunched over a tablet corralling lines of people and trying to get them checked in for their tour.  

He was not loving it.

With this security guard deep in IT frustration, Foster says, “excuse me Mr. Secret Service, sir.”

In which Sarah and I immediately tapped the brakes and told Foster to wait…“Mr. Secret Service is very busy”…and I didn’t want to lose my place in line…

The Epic Conclusion

The Epic Conclusion

Years ago Sarah and the boys and I watched all the Marvel cinematic movies.  You know, The Avengers, Iron Man, Thor, etc…It was 22 movies over the course of 11 years spanning stories that take place over decades and decades…and we knocked it out in a few months during 2020.  When the final movie of the original journey wrapped up with Endgame in 2019 there were lots of people that just assumed they could go see that movie without seeing 20 other films.  

Yeah…you can…but that is like skipping to the end and watching the series finale of M*A*S*H or reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows or simply watching the Super Bowl without putting in the time to journey all the way there.  

A Bernedoodle and Spring Break

A Bernedoodle and Spring Break

Many of you know we got a puppy a little over a year ago.  

Many of you also had to suffer through my complaining about us trying to raise this puppy.  

Many of you were likely taking bets about how long we would have Brittany the bernedoodle before we got rid of her.  

Many of you have also noticed I haven’t talked about her, I haven’t used her in sermon illustrations, and likely you assumed we got rid of her.  

So to clear the air, Brittany is still a member of the Beard family.

Quick Travel Reminder

Quick Travel Reminder

Whenever we travel, inevitably someone in our house forgets something.  

A travel pillow.



Winter coat.  


Just kidding, we haven’t left a kid home alone while we went galavanting in Europe…yet…

We know in the next several weeks people will be traveling.  

Some people will be coming to town for Spring Break.

Some people will be leaving town for Spring Break

Some people will be staying off 30A because of Spring Break.

Whatever the next few weeks hold for you, I want to let you know about a few things.

Unintentionally Living a Life of Crime

Unintentionally Living a Life of Crime

I want to talk about a few things.  Valentine’s Day, Ash Wednesday, Lent, and parking this Sunday for worship.  But before we get there…

I don’t usually try to commit crimes or do illegal things…but sometimes it happens.

The other day I was waiting at a stoplight behind another large car trying to turn out on 98.  I couldn’t actually see the light around this massive vehicle, but my car has one of those fancy sensors that tells you when the car in front of you drives off.  I think it’s to help you when you are not paying attention and missing a green light because you were distracted by your phone, your kids, or daydreaming.  So instead of the person behind you honking since you aren’t paying attention, your car beeps at you since you aren’t paying attention.