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When Sarah and I first moved to Texas, we had no kids and lived in a one bedroom, 800 sq ft apartment. We did not have great room for kids, but that wasn’t an issue, because we didn’t have any. Just 30 months later we had two kids under two. What wasn’t an issue before, now became a challenge.

The first Sunday Sarah and I were at The Chapel, our two boys were the only kids there. Just 30 months later we have a growing kids ministry. Currently the kids ministry is meeting in the woods, which is generally quite lovely, but it does not work year round. So we knew we had to figure out something else. What wasn’t an issue before, now is a challenge. A wonderful, beautiful blessing of a challenge.

We are working with Seaside Neighborhood School to house our kids church on Sunday mornings. Which is an amazing next step in us reaching more families. Not just visitors, but full time local families that call this place home. This exciting new step requires us to need more help, more volunteers, more support staff, and more teachers.

I want to boldly ask you to consider becoming a part of our growing kids ministry. I want to ask you to consider, if there is even a chance that you would have interest in helping the next generation become followers of Jesus, consider serving in this area. If you love Jesus, you don’t hate kids, and you want to see future generations be rooted in the faith, this is for you.

  • We need people who help setup before church
  • We need people who tear down after church
  • We need people who help with checkin for families onsite at the school
  • We need people who guide families from the Chapel to the school
  • We need people who help teach
  • We simply need people who can be present to make sure we keep everyone safe

It does not matter what your skill level is, we can use you. This isn’t serving every week. This isn’t coming up with craft ideas. This is becoming a part of the team to care for and lead the next generation.

With this bold ask, I would love for you to click on this email, [email protected], and let her know you are interested. Sarah will give you the steps it will take to get you involved and serving.

I never would have imagined I would have kids in that tiny apartment, because it didn’t seem possible. Over the almost decade that we lived there, that impossibility became a reality, and we took drastic steps to make sure those kids got what they needed.

I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure if we would ever have a regular enough group to create a kids ministry, because it didn’t seem possible. We are witnessing amazing things by seeing these families show up, week after week. I hope and pray that you will see the incredible things that God is doing and take a bold step to partner with us.

Just imagine what it could be like, when adults decades from now can say their life was transformed and their faith was solidified because of an adult who told them about Jesus in Seaside, Florida.

Please let me or Sarah know any questions you have and we are excited to get you connected and serving the next generation.