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The Mighty Flood of Prayer - Sun coming through the clouds

The Mighty Flood of Prayer

To whoever will PRAY and LISTEN, to whoever decides to live free and forgiven by the power of Grace:

TOGETHER, let’s stop the insidious patterns of hate and judgment and the terror of sin and shame.
TOGETHER, let us embrace the only Hope for our nation, for our very lives: Jesus Christ, our Savior!
TOGETHER, let’s lift our voices in Prayer to our One True Father God in this our time of need.
TOGETHER, let us stand firm and strong in the Knowledge, Truth, and Mercy of Christ our Lord.

Franklin Graham recently said, “Prayer is the most powerful resource we have in this Life.”

“Open their eyes so that they may turn from darkness to light and . . . receive forgiveness of sins.”
Acts 26:18

There is indeed vast Power in the collective voices of our Prayers and our focus on the Lord God, remembering that Christ shed His blood for all of us, for the cleansing of sin, forgiveness, Salvation, and Freedom! For we must stand as one and:

“Be alert and of sober mind. Our enemy, the Devil, prowls around life, a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”
I Peter 5:8

TOGETHER, let us resist the “prowling evil” we see so clearly and the devastating sin that has entangled so many, and truly STAND FIRM with the Faith and Light of Jesus Christ. Pour your hearts out in unison to our Lord God:

“His Peace which transcends human understanding [and evil] will guard your hearts and minds as we rest in Jesus Christ our Lord!”
Philippians 4:7

Be God’s beacon, shining bright in a dark and devastated world, radiating God’s Grace as it envelopes and lives in you, flowing out from you onto this dark world!

Pastor Gary