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When one season is coming to a close, we often have one of two responses; we either sit with great anticipation to begin the next season as we look forward to new things, or we sit with fear and concern about how things will be different. As each school year comes to a close I always have this sense of excitement with a new rhythm for our family (and not getting up so ridiculously early every day) because we get to enter a new season. When the disciples changed the trajectory of their lives as they abandoned what they knew to follow after Jesus, they entered a new season. After the death of Jesus, the disciples were fearful about what would happen now that their leader was dead, they entered a new season. After the resurrection of Jesus, they were now faced with a call to continue Jesus’ ministry without Jesus being physically present, they entered a new season.

You may find yourself entering a new season. A new season that feels a bit unknown. No matter what the season you are entering into; A season with hope and promise or a season with fear and difficulty. A season with new life or a season with unexpected death. Or maybe your new season has all of the above. I want to encourage you to lean into the one who created the heavens and the earth. Lean upon the one who created the rhythms and seasons of the earth and our lives. The future and new season that is before us can be a season filled with hope, no matter the circumstance. It can be a season filled with growth and trust…it ultimately depends on you.

Are you trusting in the creator, sustainer, and redeemer…or are you trusting in yourself or the world around you?

Are you resting in the arms that hold the universe and were stretched out on the cross…or are you trusting in your own strength?

We were never meant to do this on our own. So enter into this new season with your eyes fixed on Jesus.