Historic American Building Designation

Historic American Building Designation

The Chapel is recognized by the US Library of Congress

Historic American Building SurveyThe Chapel at Seaside was built in 2001 but has just recently been designated a Significant American Building by the US Library of Congress Historic American Building Survey.


View the Chapel’s entry on the Library of Congress website: https://www.loc.gov/item/fl0882/

The registry contains comprehensive documentation on the Chapel’s construction including detailed drawings, diagrams, and descriptions.

The Survey Data Pages include this section entitled “Significance“.

” The Seaside Interfaith Chapel, designed by Merrill, Pastor & Colgan Architecture,
is an outstanding example of post-modern vernacular architecture and
contemporary construction. It is considered one of the most iconic civic buildings
in Florida and attracts many thousands of visitors and dozens of faith-based
events every year. Its unique and considered light-filled design and cohesiveness
within the Seaside streetscape and Ruskin Square contribute to an architectural
ensemble that makes this chapel widely appealing. The utilization of vernacular
materials in unique and unexpected ways differentiates the design of this chapel
amongst a sea of subpar construction materials and anonymous design found
throughout much of Florida and the American Southeast during the twenty-first
century. The style of the chapel is colloquially known as “Carpenter Gothic,”
demonstrating its connection to earlier American vernacular styles including the
wooden vernacular chapels found on the Florida peninsula, and to relate it to the
earlier Seaside buildings.”

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The March-April 2019 issue of The Seaside Times ran an article about this amazing honor.

Heritage Designation

by Lynn Kurtz, Seaside Chapel Board Vice President

“The Seaside Interfaith Chapel is a stunningly beautiful house of worship that welcomes believers of all faiths. Designed by renowned architect Scott Merrill, its iconic design is breathtaking in its simplicity, light-filled in design and a style that is colloquially known as Carpenter Gothic, demonstrating its connection to earlier American vernacular styles of wooden chapels.

Opened and dedicated in October 2001, its 68-foot bell tower marks the highest point in Seaside and is a beacon for guests, visitors and homeowners along the 30A corridor for Sunday and holiday non-denominational services, as well as a popular beachside destination for weddings…”

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This is truly an honor and we are blessed to have Sunday worship and weekly Bible study services in this wonderful building. Congratulations to the Seaside Chapel Designer, Architect Scott Merrill.







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