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A Holy Week

A Holy Week

For something to be “holy” means it is set aside or dedicated to God, set apart for God or God’s purposes. The week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday is referred to as Holy Week. It is not only the most important and powerful week in the Christian calendar, it is also a week that we intentionally set aside or dedicate to God. Though as followers of Jesus, we are called to give everything as we follow after him, this week we journey with him. We remember as he entered in to Jerusalem with onlookers shouting “Hosanna” and waving palm branches. We remember the final meal he shared with his disciples in the upper room. We remember the Friday when the skies went dark and Jesus experienced death on a cross. We wait in the holy in between of Saturday. Then on Sunday, we celebrate Jesus defeating sin and death by resurrecting from the dead. I want to encourage you to set the rest of this week aside, dedicated to God as we journey with Jesus. Journey with him on the dusty roads of Israel. Up and down the hills and valleys and through the crowded streets of Jerusalem. Follow him to the cross where he lost it all and to the empty tomb where sin and death were defeated.

Maundy Thursday- We will share a Maundy Thursday Communion Service on Thursday, April 13th at 6pm at The Chapel. It will be a time where we remember Jesus gathering with his disciples for his final meal and how we are called to continue in that tradition. It will be a shorter service compared to our usual Sunday morning service and we will share communion together. For everyones safety and peace of mind we will be using individually sealed communion cups and wafers. Our Maundy Thursday service will be streamed and I invite you wherever you are, to join us in person or online as we share in communion.

Good Friday- We will gather for our Good Friday Service on Friday, April 14th at 6pm at The Chapel. It will be a time where we remember the dark and difficult day where Jesus was betrayed, abandoned, and left to die on a cross. This moment in history is so incredibly poignant and a vital setup to Easter morning. Join us as we reflect upon that day in person or online.

Easter Morning Worship-On Easter morning Sunday, April 17th, we have three options for worship:

Join us at 6:00am for a sunrise service on the beach in Seaside or at 8:30am or 10:00am at The Chapel in Seaside.

Our Sunrise Service will take place on the beaches in Seaside by the Coleman Pavilion where the iconic Seaside Obelisk is from 6am-7am. We encourage you to bring a blanket/beach towel and maybe a flashlight. The sun will be rising, but if you arrive early it will be dark. If for some reason it is raining at Sunrise, please follow our social media for updates.

Our other two services will be the same and will also be streamed online. You will not be able to make reservations, so I encourage you to arrive early for all of the services. The services at The Chapel will be very full, so if you prefer to sit outside, we have some seating and benches, but I recommend you bring a blanket just in case. In the past the 8:30 service has been the smallest, so if you are looking for a smaller crowd, that is probably your best option.

We normally have kids church during Sunday morning worship, but we will not have any kids programing during Holy Week or on Easter Sunday.