A Gift of Grace to Teenagers

A Gift of Grace to Teenagers

Young Life in South Walton, FL – A Gift of Grace to Teenagers


Jim Rayburn, the founder of Young life, had some wonderful statements:

-“It’s a sin to bore people with the Gospel…”

-“We work to win the right to be heard…”

Young Life is coming to South WaltonAs a high school student, I was deeply grateful for Young Life. Growing up in Mid-Town Memphis, I observed college-age and young adult leaders showing up at my football practices, and wondering just who they were.

When one of our senior players invited me to a Young Life club gathering, I found myself confronted with the Good News of our Lord in a way I had never heard before! Jesus actually loved me – just as I am! God’s Son wanted to have a personal relationship with me! And…Faith in Jesus Christ wasn’t just stuffy religion, it’s fun, full of Joy and adventure; we have a constant companion through whatever life deals us!

I was hooked; I surrendered my life to Christ at a weekend camp…and then ultimately, in college and graduate school, became apart of Young Life staff. My wife and I started the very first Young Life ministry in the state of Kentucky and now they have ministries growing throughout the State.


In my 20 years with Young Life, I discovered some rock-solid Truths about our Lord and Savior:

-Jesus Christ loves us all, regardless of our sin, shame, wounds, or doubts

-Jesus Christ meets us right where we are

-Jesus Christ died for my sins and was resurrected from the dead

-Jesus Christ sent His Holy Spirit to encourage us, to walk with us through life

-Jesus Christ gave me Eternal Life – Unconditional Love – an intimate relationship with the Lord God of the Universe!

-Jesus Christ knows no boundaries: He reaches out to poor kids, wealthy ones, urban kids, suburbanites, people who live at the Beach or in the Mountains.

-Jesus Christ never gives up on anyone regardless of socio-economic status,  ethnicity, or sin. He didn’t even consider it an option to give up!

-Jesus Christ ALWAYS loves and LOVES always!


Over the years, I have worked with kids and adults of all types and from all backgrounds. Some had great wealth and others had nothing. The Lord has allowed me to participate in ministry in countries around the globe and this is what I have learned.

*Regardless… Jesus Christ is present, real, and extending Grace to all in need.

*Regardless…His Holy Spirit is readily available to all.

*Regardless…Our Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit are constantly at work bringing ALL kids, ALL adults, indeed ALL people to the Celebration in Heaven – the party thrown for ALL who have faith in Christ our Lord.

Thank you, Young Life, for showing me the relational love of God through Jesus Christ… for giving me and so many others the chance to share Christ’s love and Grace with others from all walks of Life!

Please pray with us as God’s Holy Spirit leads us to begin Young Life here in South Walton, Florida!

Blessings in Christ Jesus,

Pastor Gary.

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